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Borderlands The Pre Sequel Free Download

Borderlands The Pre Sequel Download offers an exhilarating twist on the series’ beloved looter shooter formula. This installment bridges the gap between the original Borderlands and its sequel serving up a fresh dose of mayhem with gravity defying combat and an arsenal that defies the imagination. As a seasoned gamer and a connoisseur of the Borderlands universe I’ve been eagerly exploring every nook and cranny of this game and I’m here to share my journey through the chaotic beauty of low gravity battles and the untold stories of Handsome Jack’s rise to power.

With its unique blend of humor, action packed gameplay, and a storyline that enriches the series’ lore, “Borderlands The Pre Sequel” stands out as a must play title for fans and newcomers alike. For those searching for the ultimate guide to navigating the lunar landscapes and mastering the game’s innovative mechanics, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive into the world of “Borderlands The Pre Sequel” and uncover what makes this game a pivotal addition to the franchise.

Borderlands The Pre Sequel Game Information

Game NameBorderlands The Pre Sequel
GenreAction, Role Playing, Shooter
Release DateOctober 14, 2014
Current Version1.41
Updated OnJanuary 17, 2024
Size100 GB
PlatformsPlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Borderlands The Pre Seque Game Story

“Borderlands The Pre Sequel” propels players into an uncharted territory of the Borderlands universe, setting the stage on Pandora’s moon, Elpis. This game unfolds the events that led to the rise of the infamous Handsome Jack, revealing the origins of some of the most iconic characters in the series. Unlike its predecessors, “The Pre Sequel” delves into a narrative that showcases the transformation of a well-intentioned man into a tyrant, providing a complex backdrop to the explosive gameplay that fans have come to love.

At the heart of “Borderlands The Pre Sequel” is a story that explores themes of ambition, betrayal, and the thin line between heroism and villainy. Players are introduced to four new protagonists Athena, the Gladiator; Wilhelm, the Enforcer; Nisha, the Lawbringer; and Claptrap, the Fragtrap. Each character offers a unique perspective on the unfolding events, as well as distinct gameplay mechanics, thanks to their specialized skill trees and abilities. The narrative is driven by the quest to find an ancient alien artifact, promising immense power. Along the way, players encounter a mix of new and familiar faces, contributing to a rich tapestry of lore that enriches the overall Borderlands narrative.

Borderlands The Pre Seque Features

“Borderlands The Pre Sequel” enriches the storied Borderlands franchise with a suite of features that both innovate and refine the looter shooter experience. This game offers a unique blend of mechanics, narrative depth, and stylistic choices that set it apart not only from its predecessors but also from other games in the genre. Let’s delve into the array of features that define this remarkable entry in the Borderlands series.

Basic Features

  • Unique Setting and Gravity Mechanics: The lunar landscapes of Elpis provide not just a visual departure from the familiar terrains of Pandora but also introduce low gravity mechanics. This allows for extended jumps, mid-air dodging, and a more dynamic combat experience. Players can utilize the low gravity to launch enemies into the air or slam down on them for devastating ground-pound attacks.
  • Oxygen Resource Management: Oxygen serves a dual purpose in “The Pre Sequel.” It’s not only crucial for sustaining life outside of breathable atmospheres but also powers the new Oz Kit system, enabling enhanced jumps and ground slams. This adds a layer of resource management that requires players to balance exploration and combat tactics with oxygen conservation.
  • Cryo and Laser Weapons: Adding to the already extensive arsenal of Borderlands, “The Pre Sequel” introduces cryogenic weapons that can freeze enemies, making them vulnerable to shattering, and laser weapons that vary from continuous beams to explosive blasts, offering new ways to decimate foes.
  • Character Classes and Skill Trees: The game features four main characters, each with their own unique abilities and skill trees. This allows for a wide range of playstyles, from Athena’s shield throwing prowess to Wilhelm’s drone deployment. The skill trees are deep and varied, offering players the chance to customize their characters to fit their preferred style of play.
  • Vehicle Combat and Exploration: Vehicles have been a staple of the Borderlands series, and “The Pre Sequel” introduces new types adapted for the moon’s terrain and low gravity environment. This enhances exploration and combat, allowing players to traverse the landscape quickly and engage in high octane vehicular battles.

Advanced Features

  • Claptastic Voyage and Additional Content: The Claptastic Voyage DLC is a highlight, offering a deep dive into the mind of Claptrap. This not only expands the game’s story but also introduces new gameplay mechanics, environments, and enemies. Additionally, other DLCs and updates have added new characters, missions, and challenges, extending the game’s replayability.
  • Cross Platform Play and Community Features: While varying by platform, “The Pre Sequel” supports some level of cross platform play and community engagement, such as shared loot and co op gameplay, fostering a vibrant community of players.


  • Innovative low gravity combat and exploration.
  • Engaging story that enriches the Borderlands lore.
  • Diverse character classes with deep customization.
  • New weapon types and mechanics, including cryo and laser weapons.
  • Expansive DLC content that adds significant value.


  • Oxygen management can be cumbersome for some players.
  • Some environments and missions can feel repetitive.
  • The game can feel like a bridge between main titles rather than a standalone entry.
  • Certain mechanics and features may not be as polished as in other series entries.

Screenshots Of Borderlands The Pre Sequel Pc Download

Minimum and Recommended Requirements

RequirementMinimum Recommended
OSWindows XP SP3Windows 7/8/10
Processor2.4 GHz Dual Core Processor2.3 GHz Quad Core processor
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce 8500 /ATI Radeon HD 2600NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 / ATI Radeon HD 5850
DirectXVersion 9.0Version 10
Storage13 GB available space20 GB available space
Sound CardDirectX 9 CompliantDirectX 9.0c Compliant

Download instructions

  • Utilize the provided download links to acquire the game file.
  • After downloading, use the right-click function on the file and select “Extract here.” Winrar is required for this action, so ensure it’s installed beforehand.
  • Game-extraction, find and right-click the “Setup.exe” file. Choose “Run as administrator” from the context menu to commence the game’s installation process.
  • Patiently wait as the game installs on your system.
  • Once the installation concludes, locate the game’s executable icon, right-click it, and select “Run as administrator” to launch the game.


Can I play “Borderlands The Pre-Sequel” without having played the previous games?

Yes, you can enjoy “Borderlands The Pre Sequel” without prior experience with the series. While the game references events and characters from earlier titles, it’s designed to be accessible and enjoyable even to newcomers.

Is “Borderlands The Pre-Sequel” multiplayer?

Yes, the game supports co op multiplayer for up to four players, allowing you to team up with friends online to tackle the game’s challenges together.

Are there any character customization options?

Each character has unique skill trees that you can customize as you level up. While there are no direct cosmetic customization options within the game, you can unlock different skins and heads for your character through gameplay.

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