Fallout 1 Free Download Pc Game

Fallout 1 Free Download Pc Game

Fallout 1 Full Version For PC Download

Fallout 1 a game that set the cornerstone for narrative-driven role-playing experiences in the gaming industry. This groundbreaking title blends strategic combat compelling storytelling and in-depth character development offering a uniquely immersive experience. As the progenitor of the now-legendary Fallout series Fallout 1 invites players to explore the remnants of a society obliterated by nuclear war where every choice can lead to salvation or doom.

With its engaging questlines, a rich open world ripe for exploration, and a reputation system that predates many of its contemporaries, Fallout 1 is a seminal game that redefined the boundaries of the role-playing genre. Embrace the role of the Fallout New Vegas Vault Dweller, tasked with saving your shelter from imminent demise, and venture into a world where the line between right and wrong is as blurred as the irradiated wastelands you’ll traverse. Fallout 1 is not just a game it’s a journey into the heart of what it means to survive in a world that has lost everything to the fires of war.

Fallout 1 Game Information

Game NameFallout 1
GenreRole-Playing Game
Release DateSeptember 30, 1997
Current Version1.2.0
Updated OnOctober 5, 1997
SizeApproximately 600 MB
PlatformsPC, Mac
DeveloperInterplay Entertainment
PublisherInterplay Entertainment

Fallout 1 Game Story

At its core Fallout 1 is a tale of survival, exploration, and the consequences of a war-ravaged Earth. Set in a game-apocalyptic future following a global nuclear war in the late 22nd century, the game Fallout 4 Far Harbor introduces players to a devastated world where the remnants of humanity cling to life in scattered communities and vaults – large, underground shelters designed to protect a fraction of the population from the nuclear fallout.

The player assumes the role of the Fallout 4 Vault Dweller, a resident of Vault 13, who is thrust into the unforgiving wastelands with a critical mission: to find a replacement for the Vault’s failing water purification chip. This quest sets the stage for an expansive journey across the desolate remnants of California, from the radiated deserts to the ruins of once-great cities.

Fallout 1 Features

Falout 1 not only marked the beginning of a legendary series but also set new standards for role-playing games with its innovative features. Here’s a detailed look at the game’s foundational and advanced features, which combine to create a unique and enduring RPG experience.

  • Open-Ended Exploration: One of Fallout 1’s hallmark features is its open-world design, allowing players the freedom to explore the game-apocalyptic wasteland at their leisure. This exploration is not just about traversing distances but uncovering the stories, secrets, and remnants of a world lost to nuclear fire.
  • Branching Narrative with Multiple Endings: The game’s story adapts to the player’s decisions, leading to multiple endings. This branching narrative encourages replayability, as players can explore different choices and their impacts on the game world.
  • Turn-Based Combat: Fallout 1 employs a strategic, turn-based combat system that allows players to carefully plan their actions in battle. This system emphasizes tactical decision-making, from choosing the right weapon to targeting specific enemy limbs for tactical advantages.
  • Character Customization and Development: Players can create and develop their character based on the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system, which stands for Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck. This system provides a deep level of customization, affecting everything from combat effectiveness to dialogue options.
  • Dialogue and Interaction: The game’s dialogue system is rich and varied, with player choices affecting not just the immediate conversation but potentially the larger narrative. Characters remember your actions and treat you accordingly, adding depth and realism to social interactions.
  • Mature Themes and Dark Humor: Fallout 1 is renowned for its mature storytelling and dark humor, dealing with themes of survival, power, and the human condition in a game-apocalyptic world. This thematic depth adds a layer of seriousness to the game, while the humor provides levity and a unique tone.
  • Atmospheric Soundtrack and Sound Design: The haunting soundtrack and immersive sound effects contribute significantly to the game’s atmosphere, enhancing the sense of isolation and desolation in the wasteland.


  • Immersive World: The detailed and open-ended exploration of the game-apocalyptic world is captivating, offering a rich backdrop for the game’s narrative.
  • Depth of Choice: The significant impact of player decisions on the story and world ensures that choices feel meaningful, with real consequences.
  • Strategic Gameplay: The turn-based combat system adds a layer of strategic depth, making encounters challenging and rewarding.
  • Narrative and Thematic Depth: The mature themes, complex narrative, and dark humor provide a compelling story that stands the test of time.


  • Dated Graphics and Interface: By modern standards, the game’s graphics and user interface can feel outdated, potentially impacting the experience for new players.
  • Steep Learning Curve: Newcomers to the genre or series might find the game’s systems complex and intimidating at first.
  • Limited Handholding: The game offers little in the way of guidance, which, while appealing to some, can lead to frustration for players used to more direction.

Screenshots of Fallout 1 Pc Download

Minimum and Recommended Requirement

Minimum Recommended
Operating System: Windows 95/98/NT/2000Operating System: Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Processor: Pentium 90MHzProcessor: Pentium 120MHz or higher
Memory: 16MB RAMMemory: 32MB RAM
Graphics: SVGAGraphics: SVGA
Storage: 565MB free hard drive spaceStorage: 565MB free hard drive space
Sound: DirectX-compatible sound cardSound: DirectX-compatible sound card
Input: Keyboard and mouseInput: Keyboard and mouse

Download Instructions

Fallout 1 free download pc game

  • Choose the Download green button.
  • Run the installation program.
  • Accept the user license terms and select where you want the game installed.
  • The installation program will download all necessary files.
  • During this process, make sure to activate your version of the game by securing a unique activation key.
  • Enter the provided code correctly to complete both the download and installation.


Can I play Fallout 1 on modern operating systems?

Yes, Fallout 1 can be played on modern operating systems. While the original game was designed for older versions of Windows, updated versions and digital releases on platforms like Steam and GOG.com have made it compatible with current Windows versions. These releases often include fixes and optimizations for modern hardware.

Is Fallout 1 a single-player game?

Yes, Fallout 1 is a single-player game. It focuses on delivering a rich, narrative-driven experience in a game-apocalyptic setting, where player choices significantly impact the story and world.

How long does it take to complete Fallout 1?

The completion time for Fallout 1 can vary widely based on your play style. On average, a straightforward playthrough focusing on the main quest may take around 20-25 hours. However, players who explore extensively, engage with side quests, and fully immerse themselves in the game’s world can expect to spend 40 hours or more.

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