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Football Manager 2020 Free Download Pc Game

Football Manager 2020 a game that stands as a beacon for aspiring tacticians and strategists. With its intricate gameplay mechanics Football Manager 2020 offers an unparalleled simulation experience, setting the standard for sports management games. This title allows players to step into the shoes of a football club manager, navigating the complexities of player transfers, tactical setups, and match day strategies. As you embark on this thrilling journey, you’re not just playing a game; you’re immersing yourself in a world where every decision can lead your team to glory or despair.

With features like advanced match intelligence, a dynamic transfer market, and a realistic game simulation, “Football Manager 2020” has captured the hearts of football enthusiasts and gaming aficionados alike. Whether you’re devising strategies to conquer the premier league or scouting for the next big talent in international football, this game Football Manager 2022 promises an engaging and authentic football management experience.

Football Manager 2020 Game Information

Game NameFootball Manager 2020
GenreSports, Simulation
Release DateNovember 19, 2019
Current Version20.4.4
Updated OnJuly 27, 2020
SizeApproximately 7 GB
PlatformsPC, Mac, Xbox, Mobile

Football Manager 2020 Game Story

Football Manager 2020 doesn’t follow a conventional narrative as seen in most video games. Instead, it offers a unique story crafted by each player, shaped by their decisions, strategies, and managerial style. This dynamic and evolving game story is one of its most compelling features, allowing players to experience the highs and lows of managing a football club. From taking a lower league team to the pinnacle of international glory to restoring a fallen giant to its former glory, the possibilities are endless. Your story might involve discovering a future world-class player in a local team’s youth academy or orchestrating the Football Manager 2015 perfect season to win the treble. Every decision from financial management, public relations, to tactical setups on match day contributes to the narrative you create.

What sets “Football Manager 2020” apart is its attention to detail. The game Football Manager 2012 boasts an extensive database of players, clubs, and competitions, meticulously researched to reflect real-world football. This level of detail extends to the match engine, where players’ performance and tactics on the pitch visually reflect your managerial decisions. The game’s AI has also been lauded for its intelligence, offering realistic scenarios and responses from players, staff, and the media based on your actions.

Football Manager 2020 Features

Football Manager 2020, the latest installment in the Football Manager series by Sports Interactive, has brought numerous advancements and refinements to the football management simulation experience. This game offers both basic and advanced features that cater to newcomers and seasoned veterans alike. Below, we delve into these features in detail to ensure a comprehensive understanding of what Football Manager 2020 has to offer.

Basic Features

  1. Database and Realism: FM2020 boasts an extensive database, including thousands of real clubs, leagues, and players. The game’s realism is enhanced with detailed player attributes and a dynamic transfer market that mirrors the complexity and fluidity of the real-world football market.
  2. Tactical Flexibility: Players have the freedom to devise a wide array of tactical strategies, from the formation on the pitch to in-depth player roles and duties. This flexibility allows managers to adjust their tactics to counter opponents effectively and exploit their weaknesses.
  3. Match Engine Improvements: The match engine in FM2020 has seen significant improvements, offering more realistic match play, animations, and a better representation of the tactical decisions made by the manager. This leads to a more immersive experience when watching games unfold.
  4. Training Overhaul: Training modules have been overhauled, providing managers with more control over their team’s training schedules. Customizable sessions allow for targeted development of player skills, fitness, and match preparation.

Advanced Features

  1. Development Centre: An all-new feature in FM2020 is the Development Centre. This comprehensive overview of your club’s youth prospects allows for better management of young talents, tracking their progress and making decisions on their development path.
  2. Club Vision: The Club Vision feature introduces a more dynamic interaction with the board and the club’s expectations. Managers must navigate short- and long-term objectives, aligning their strategy with the club’s vision and adapting to its evolution over time.
  3. Playing Time Pathway: This feature gives managers the ability to promise players a clear pathway regarding their playing time. It helps in managing expectations and planning for player development and squad rotation more effectively.
  4. Graphics and User Interface: Enhanced graphics and a more intuitive user interface make navigating the various aspects of the game more accessible and visually appealing. The game’s UI improvements facilitate a smoother management experience.


  • Enhanced Realism: With an expanded database and improved match engine, FM2020 offers an unmatched level of realism.
  • Tactical Depth: The game provides deep tactical options, allowing for a highly customizable management approach.
  • Youth Development: The Development Centre makes managing and developing young prospects more engaging and rewarding.
  • Dynamic Club Objectives: The Club Vision and Playing Time Pathway features add depth to the management experience, making club goals and player development more interactive and strategic.


  • Steep Learning Curve: Newcomers might find the game’s complexity and depth daunting at first.
  • Time-Consuming: Due to its detail-oriented nature, managing all aspects of the game can be very time-consuming.
  • Performance Issues: Some players have reported performance issues on lower-end systems due to the game’s demanding graphics and database size.

Screenshots Of Football Manager 2020 Pc Download

Minimum and Recommended Requirements

Operating SystemWindows 7 macOS 10.11Windows 10macOS 10.14+
ProcessorIntel Pentium 4 AMD Athlon 64Intel Core i5, AMD Ryzen 5
Memory2 GB RAM8 GB RAM
GraphicsIntel GMA X4500, NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT, AMD/ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, AMD Radeon RX 460
Storage7 GB available space7 GB available space
DirectXVersion 11Version 11
NetworkBroadband Internet connectionBroadband Internet connection
Additional NotesOpenGL 2.1 compliant video cardRequires a 64-bit processor and operating system

Download instructions

  1. Begin by clicking the download button, which will redirect you to our dedicated download page.
  2. Once on the download page, click the designated download button.
  3. Your download will commence, utilizing the free installer provided directly by
  4. Download and install the file, and subsequently, proceed with the game installation.
  5. A stable internet connection is recommended for a smooth and hassle-free download experience.


Can I manage any club in Football Manager 2020?

Yes, in Football Manager 2020, you have the flexibility to manage any club from a selection of leagues around the world. The game features a vast database of clubs from top-tier leagues to lower divisions, allowing for a wide range of management experiences.

Is it possible to create a custom football club in FM2020?

While Football Manager 2020 does not have a direct feature for creating a completely new club from scratch within the game itself, you can use the pre-game editor to modify existing clubs to your liking, effectively allowing you to create a “custom” club by renaming and adjusting the attributes of an existing one.

How does the match engine in FM2020 compare to previous versions?

The match engine in Football Manager 2020 has been significantly improved over previous versions. It offers more realistic physics, player movements, and decision-making. These enhancements contribute to a more immersive and accurate simulation of football matches.

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