Guilty Gear Strive Download Pc Game

Guilty Gear Strive Download Pc Game

Guilty Gear Strive Pc Download Full Version

Guilty Gear Strive the latest installment in the legendary fighting game series that’s taken the gaming world by storm. Known for its breathtaking visuals groundbreaking mechanics and a soundtrack that pulses through your very soul Guilty Gear Strive sets a new standard for what fighting games can be. With its deep tactical gameplay and a roster of characters that are as diverse in playstyle as they are in backstory it’s a title that beckons to both hardcore fighting game enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Whether you’re dueling in the high-stakes online mode, mastering each character’s unique abilities, or simply soaking in the rich, detailed world and its story, “Guilty Gear Strive” promises an experience like no other. As a pinnacle of fighting game Sim City design, it’s not just a game but a vibrant, pulsating world that challenges your skills and intellect. Join the battle that decides the fate of the universe, immerse yourself in the high-octane thrill of “Guilty Gear Strive” gameplay, and be part of a community that celebrates precision, creativity, and the art of the fight.

Guilty Gear Strive Game Information

Game NameGuilty Gear Strive
Release DateJune 11, 2021
Current Version1.10
Updated OnDecember 15, 2023
Size40 GB
PlatformsPlayStation, PC, Xbox
DeveloperArc System Works
PublisherBandai Namco Entertainment

Guilty Gear Strive Game Story

“Guilty Gear Strive” isn’t just a fighting game; it’s a narrative odyssey that seamlessly melds the thrill of combat with a story rich in lore, character, and depth. At the heart of this saga is a tale of conflict, resolution, and the SimCity 5 relentless pursuit of one’s ideals, set against the backdrop of a world where magic and technology intertwine in the most unexpected ways. The story propels players through a beautifully crafted world that’s on the brink of a monumental transformation, challenging them to question the very essence of power, freedom, and destiny.

The narrative arc of “Guilty Gear Strive” is both a continuation and a climax to the intricate stories woven throughout the series. It focuses on the struggles of Sol Badguy, a hero with a tumultuous past and a power that’s both a blessing and a curse. He’s not just fighting against a roster of formidable foes; he’s battling the demons of his past and the uncertainties of a future that could spell doom or salvation for the Need For Speed Rivals world as we know it. The story dives deep into themes of sacrifice, redemption, and the complexity of human (and non-human) relationships, making it a compelling journey for both returning fans and newcomers.

Guilty Gear Strive Free Download Features

“Guilty Gear Strive” is a beacon of innovation in the fighting game community, showcasing a myriad of features that set it apart from its predecessors and competitors. The game isn’t just a step forward for the series; it’s a giant leap for the genre, offering both basic and advanced features that cater to a wide range of players.

Basic Features

  • Roster Diversity: “Guilty Gear Strive” boasts a roster of characters that are not only visually distinct but also offer a unique playing style. From the heavy-hitting Sol Badguy to the speedy Chipp Zanuff, each character brings something different to the table, ensuring that players can find a fighter that resonates with their playstyle.
  • Visual Splendor: The game’s transition to using Unreal Engine has allowed for stunning 3D models and backgrounds that maintain the franchise’s iconic anime-inspired aesthetic. The attention to detail in animations and character designs is unparalleled, making every moment feel like a scene from a high-budget anime.
  • Robust Online Play: Utilizing rollback netcode, “Guilty Gear Strive” offers one of the smoothest online experiences in fighting games. This technology minimizes lag and ensures that players can enjoy competitive matches without worrying about the frustrations of poor connectivity.

Advanced Features

  • Innovative Combo System: The game introduces a refined combat system that rewards creativity and precision. The Roman Cancel mechanic, for example, allows players to alter the flow of their combos or disrupt the opponent’s strategies, adding a layer of depth and strategy to each fight.
  • Extensive Training Modes: Understanding the need for players to hone their skills, “Guilty Gear Strive” includes comprehensive training modes. These range from basic tutorials that cover game fundamentals to advanced practice settings that allow for the simulation of specific game scenarios.
  • Story Mode: Unlike traditional fighting game story modes that rely on battles to advance the plot, “Guilty Gear Strive” presents its narrative more like an interactive anime. Players can enjoy a deep, cinematic story that explores the lore of the Guilty Gear universe without the pressure of combat.


  • Accessibility: “Guilty Gear Strive” makes a concerted effort to welcome new players with its intuitive tutorials and simplified mechanics, without sacrificing the depth that veterans appreciate.
  • Art and Music: The game continues the series’ tradition of combining stunning visuals with an electrifying soundtrack, enhancing the overall experience and immersion.
  • Community and Support: Ongoing updates and active community engagement from the developers ensure that the game remains fresh and responsive to player feedback.


  • Learning Curve: Despite efforts to be accessible, newcomers may still find the game’s depth and complexity daunting, with a significant investment of time required to master.
  • Roster Size: Some players might feel the initial roster is somewhat limited, especially compared to other titles in the genre, although this is mitigated by the promise of additional characters through DLC.
  • Online Matchmaking Issues: While the netcode is highly praised, some players have reported issues with matchmaking and lobby systems, which can occasionally hinder the online experience.

Screenshots Of Guilty Gear Strive Pc Download

Minimum and Recommended Requirements

OSWindows 7/8/10Windows 10
ProcessorIntel Core i3 or AMD equivalentIntel Core i5 or AMD equivalent
Memory5 GB RAM9 GB RAM
GraphicsIntel HD 4000 series or AMD R5 230Nvidia GTX 650 or AMD R7 260x
DirectXVersion 11Version 11
Storage500 MB available space1 GB available space
Additional NotesLow-spec PC/laptop capable of running games from 2010-2015.Mid-range PC for smoother performance.

Download Instructions

  • Click the ‘Download’red button to be taken to our download page, where the game files for Guilty Gear Strive are available for access.
  • On the download page, select the ‘Download’ option to start acquiring the necessary files for Guilty Gear Strive.
  • An official download will automatically start, provided through a complimentary installer designed to streamline the process of getting the game.
  • Once the download is finished, locate the file and start the installation procedure. This step is essential as it prepares your system for the game’s installation.


Can “Guilty Gear Strive” be played on cross-platform?

Yes, “Guilty Gear Strive” supports cross-platform play between PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. This feature enhances the game’s community by allowing players from different platforms to compete against each other, ensuring a more vibrant and accessible competitive scene.

Is there a single-player mode in “Guilty Gear Strive”?

Absolutely. Beyond its competitive multiplayer modes, “Guilty Gear Strive” offers a rich single-player experience, including a cinematic story mode that delves into the lore of the Guilty Gear universe, as well as arcade, survival, and mission modes that allow players to practice their skills against AI opponents.

Can I customize my characters in “Guilty Gear Strive”?

While you cannot alter the core abilities of characters to maintain competitive balance, “Guilty Gear Strive” offers cosmetic customization options. Players can unlock and apply different colors and outfits to their favorite characters, allowing for personalization without impacting gameplay.

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