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starcraft brood war free download

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StarCraft Brood War this legendary expansion pack to the original StarCraft game continues to hold its ground as a quintessential strategy gaming experience. Amidst the cold reaches of space three distinct races the cunning Terrans the enigmatic Protoss and the relentless Zerg vie for control in a meticulously balanced war that demands both quick thinking and strategic foresight. StarCraft Brood War isn’t just another addition to the strategy genre it’s a masterclass in storytelling, gameplay depth and competitive balance making it a cornerstone in the realm of real-time strategy games.

With its enduring presence in the eSports scene, particularly in countries like South Korea, this title has not only defined a genre but also carved out a legacy that continues to influence modern strategy games. Whether you’re revisiting this classic or diving into its depths for the first time, prepare to be captivated by a game Starcraft II that stands the test of time, offering both a rich single-player campaign and a fiercely competitive multiplayer mode.

Starcraft Brood War Game Information

Game NameStarcraft Brood War
GenreReal-Time Strategy
Release DateMarch 31, 1998
Current Version1.18
Updated OnNovember 30, 2016
Size1.2 GB
PlatformsWindows, macOS
DeveloperBlizzard Entertainment

Starcraft Brood War Game Story

StarCraft Brood War is not merely an expansion; it’s a saga that weaves together the intricate tales of three distinct species locked in a perpetual struggle for dominance across the galaxy. The story picks up where the original left off, with the galaxy in chaos and the political landscape more precarious than ever. The Terrans, humans exiled from Earth, find themselves divided and weakened by internal strife. The Zerg, insectoid aliens guided by the Overmind’s will, have been left leaderless and aimless after the StarCraft Remastered Overmind’s destruction. Meanwhile, the Protoss, a technologically advanced and psionically gifted race, strive to reclaim their homeworld from the Zerg infestation, all while grappling with their own internal conflicts and philosophical divides.

The narrative of Brood War is marked by its depth and complexity, offering three distinct campaigns that allow players to explore each race’s perspective and challenges. The Terran campaign revolves around the United Earth Directorate’s (UED) expedition to the Koprulu Sector to seize control of the Terran colonies and neutralize the Zerg threat. The Zerg campaign introduces players to Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades, who seeks to assert her dominance over the Zerg Swarm and become the sector’s predominant power. Lastly, the Protoss campaign focuses on Artanis and his efforts to unify the Starcraft II Wings of Liberty Protoss and fend off both the Zerg and the invading UED forces.

Starcraft Brood War Features

StarCraft Brood War, the critically acclaimed expansion to Blizzard Entertainment’s StarCraft, introduced a plethora of features that not only extended the game’s life but also significantly impacted the real-time strategy (RTS) genre. Its blend of intricate storytelling, strategic depth, and balanced gameplay cemented its place as a hallmark of RTS design.

Advanced Tactical Gameplay:

  • One of the most lauded features of Brood War is its advanced tactical gameplay. The expansion introduced new units and upgrades for each race, bringing fresh dynamics to the battlefield. These additions required players to develop new strategies and adapt to the evolving meta. For example, the Terran Valkyrie and the Protoss Corsair offered new air-to-air combat options, while the Zerg Lurker provided a powerful ground-based siege capability, changing how players approached both offense and defense.

Multiplayer Mastery:

  • Brood War’s multiplayer functionality is a cornerstone of its enduring success. With robust support, players could easily find matches, compete in ladder games, and participate in tournaments. This online functionality fostered a competitive scene that has thrived for decades. The game’s balance between the three races is a feat of design, ensuring that no single race has an overwhelming advantage, which has kept the competitive scene vibrant and diverse.

Engrossing Campaigns:

  • The expansion deepened the original game’s narrative, offering three new campaigns that continued the epic saga of the Terran, Protoss, and Zerg. These campaigns were not only engaging due to their storylines but also for their varied missions that challenged players to master each race’s strengths and weaknesses. The campaign design, combined with voice-acted cutscenes and briefings, provided an immersive experience that was ahead of its time.

Custom Maps and Mods:

  • Brood War’s map editor facilitated a burgeoning community of modders and custom map creators. This tool allowed players to create their own scenarios, ranging from direct competitive maps to entirely new game modes, such as tower defense and role-playing games. This level of customization has contributed to the game’s longevity, with a vast library of user-generated content keeping the game fresh and engaging.


  • Strategic Depth: The addition of new units and the balanced gameplay require and reward strategic planning and adaptability.
  • Competitive Scene: A well-established competitive scene, supported by Blizzard’s, offers endless challenges for players of all skill levels.
  • Engaging Story: The expansion’s campaigns provide a compelling narrative that enriches the StarCraft universe.
  • Community and Customization: The robust map editor and active modding community have created a wealth of content that extends the game’s replay value.


  • Steep Learning Curve: The game’s depth and complexity can be daunting for new players, particularly those unfamiliar with RTS games.
  • Dated Graphics: By today’s standards, the game’s graphics are dated, which might deter players accustomed to modern visuals.
  • Limited QoL Features: Compared to contemporary titles, Brood War lacks certain quality-of-life features, such as automated worker tasks, which can make gameplay feel tedious.

Screenshots Of Starcraft Brood War Pc Download

Minimum and Recommended Requirements

Operating SystemWindows 95/98/NT/2000/XPWindows XP/Vista/7/8/10
ProcessorPentium 90 MHzPentium II 233 MHz
Graphics CardDirectX-compatible SVGADirectX-compatible SVGA
Hard Drive80 MB available space80 MB available space
Sound CardDirectX-compatibleDirectX-compatible
Input DeviceMouse, KeyboardMouse, Keyboard
Network28.8 Kbps Modem or faster56 Kbps Modem or faster

Download Instructions

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Can I play StarCraft Brood War on modern operating systems?

Yes, StarCraft Brood War has been updated to run on modern operating systems. Blizzard released a remastered version of StarCraft and Brood War that is compatible with both Windows and macOS. This remastered edition features updated graphics, support for higher resolutions, and improved online matchmaking, making it accessible to players on contemporary hardware.

Is online multiplayer still active for StarCraft Brood War?

Absolutely. The online multiplayer scene for StarCraft Brood War remains active, particularly with the release of the remastered edition. Blizzard’s platform supports online matchmaking, allowing players to compete against others from around the globe. The game also maintains a competitive eSports scene, especially in South Korea, where StarCraft has been a staple of professional gaming for decades.

Do I need the original StarCraft game to play Brood War?

Initially, Brood War was released as an expansion pack, which required the original StarCraft game to play. However, with the release of StarCraft Remastered, Brood War is included, so you no longer need to purchase the original game separately. The remastered version provides both the original campaign and the Brood War expansion in one package.

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